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Child Writing Notes


Bloom Kids Occupational Therapy provides assessments which are generally the first step in the intervention process for children commencing therapy.   Assessments are aimed to understand the strengths and difficulties a child may have.


The assessment process involves gathering information about your child.  We may ask you questions about your child’s daily routine, independence and performance across a variety of skills and daily tasks. This information will be used to assist with developing our therapy plan, provide a baseline to target therapy and content of the occupational therapy report. 

The first appointment generally take between an 1 - 2 hours.

Child Playing

Individualised Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are designed to help the child achieve their individualised goals. These are set in collaboration with the parents and therapist.


During intervention, the occupational therapist will work with your child on a weekly or fortnightly basis usually for a  45 minute appointment. This appointment is generally conducted at our Heathcote therapy room however may take place at the child’s preschool or school.

The Individual therapy plan is specific and customised to the child and hence focuses directly on the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The occupational therapy intervention plan adheres to evidence-based practice and is always family-centred.

Girls in Painting Class

Group Therapy

Bloom Kids Occupational Therapy is currently working on creating group learning opportunities that will run during school holidays and school term.  

Contact us for our list of scheduled groups.

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