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What can an occupational therapist help with?

As an occupational therapist our role is to support the development of a child’s ability to do the things they want, need and have to do.


    Areas that Occupational Therapist can support a child's developement 


    Hello, my name is

    Tegan ​Dobson

    I'm a Occupational Therapist

    and owner of

    Bloom Kids Occupational Therapy

    I formed Bloom Kids Occupational Therapy, a local business in the Sutherland ​Shire offering therapy services.


    Since graduating in 2018 with Bachelor of Health Science/Masters of ​Occupational Therapy I have enjoyed working with children and their families in ​the paediatric private practice setting. I have decided to continue to work in the ​sector as a sole trader as it offers greater flexibility for finding the balance ​between work and my own family.


    I am an experienced occupational therapist providing services to children and ​their families. This includes planning, evaluating and implementing individual, ​group and home therapy programs that are based on an understanding and ​knowledge of occupational therapy principles and a personal commitment to ​ensuring clients and their families receive the best possible care.
    I am registered ​with AHPRA and OT Australia.


    Unit 1/5 Veno St, Heathcote NSW 2233, Australia


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